Feb 15, 2011

The Ghost in the Machine

It was a super fun to illustrate one of Flik Hall's designs for the pre LFW interview in Amelia's Mag. The moment I saw the outfit I knew I want to draw it. Well, drawing was just a part of the whole illustration as I could play and mix paint and ink and more:) in attempt to show the texture of the bottom.

The skirt provoked a quick and rather obvious association with Jackson Pollock's abstract lines nad spots, like in "No 14. Such patterns, irregular and abstract, are very eye-catching and leave freedom what you can do with the whole outfit. I checked this and previous Flik Hall collections on her website and I am truly impressed with the playfulness, interpretation of textures and textiles, colours, shapes of the garments, and the coherence of outfits, photo-background and makeup. I love how the textures are juxtaposed.

The Flik Hall girl "has a lot of conviction and marches to her own drum".

Definitely she does.

The whole collection is titled "The Ghost in the Machine":) 

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