Feb 7, 2011

Paul Kim {Shoes}

Who would wear these shoes? I would put them on the shelf and adore every single day. They are a piece of art rather than shoes-to-walk-around. What do you think?

A short round up with photos and great illustrations of LCF MA courses on Amelia's Magazine blog. A few names definitely worth observing for the future.
My types are Olivier Ruuger, Vesna Pesic, Charlotte Goldthorpe and Paul Kim.


Whimsically Random said...

I LOVE that illustration!

Karolina B. said...

love to hear that:)

Victoria said...

I love this too! I can always imagine amazing shoes in my head but I really struggle to draw them!! :-)

Karolina B. said...

Shoes are my obsession...most of the doodles are shoe-related, I make shoe compositions... It's a very strong addiction:)