Sep 17, 2017

Could certain fragrances be making you ill // The Pool UK

Have you ever felt unwell because of a scent? It turns out not just house or car paint or other heavy scents can make people ill. Research says that fragrance causes health issues for over a third of people. It could be a seemingly innocent headache, migraine, skin rashes or breathing problems. Culprits? Perfumes, house scents, candles, fragranced cleaning products.
For The Pool UK, words by Kate Grenville

Sep 4, 2017

Should I RSVP to the egg-freezing party? // The Pool

I had pleasure to illustrate an interesting article by Arwa Mahdawi for The Pool on what being a grown-up means for a woman and how motherhood defines adulthood in Western society. 

Sep 1, 2017

Signs of an end // Illustration

One of unused illustrations for a very interesting topic: Is it possible to see the beginning of a crisis? The moment when cracks and holes emerge in a road. Or is looking for these cracks in the past a way of explaining to the self that something was visible but remained unnoticed until the big crisis hit.

Aug 27, 2017

Female anger // The Pool

Illustration created some time ago for The Pool on how pliant women are learning to express their anger.

Aug 6, 2017

The wedding toasts // The Pool

I was pleased to illustrate another article for The Pool titled "The wedding toasts I'll never give" by Ada Calhoun on what advice the newlyweds should be pretty much never are told.