Dec 6, 2013

The Flyers of 87 /Louisiana/

Cycling is exciting. Healthy - oh so obvious, but also a bit romantic: it is a way to commute, travel and discover the world around, get connected with the city you live in. A solitary exercise that can be performed in a group. What makes is more special is the beginnings of the sport and cycling culture that gained popularity as a means of transport, among other (overcoming horse wagons but losing to cars).
Read the story of thrilling races between bicycling clubs in the 19th century Louisiana in the #13 issue of Boneshaker magazine.
Hope you'll enjoy the illustrations I created for this article.
Thank you to Boneshaker team!


von Paulus said...

O wow, w boneshaker ilustrujesz! Bomba, kocham ich <3 Ekstra ilu!

Karolina B. said...

dzięks. chłopaki fajne pismo robią!