Oct 20, 2013

/Weekend}/ Inspiration #6

One thing I cannot change is being a collector. 
I collect clothes, but being older and (hopefully) more mature now I finally am able to throw or give away some items hidden in the closet for too long. Some of them have second life, some still inhabit closets and wait for their moment or a moment of my weakness to give them away. (Getting rid of shoes is out of the question though.)

But clothes or shoes are not a problem. Among rather traumatic experiences connected with moving are arguments over the piles of magazines and brochures I have collected over the years and I carry from place to place. ("So why do you need an old paper? You read it, just throw it away!") The big part of this “collection” is stored at my parents’ (thank you!) and I honestly cannot throw away beautifully designed papers with some amazing photos and articles inside and regret immensely the ones I managed to throw out some time ago. Why did I do it? A moment of strange weakness to become a minimalist or something...

Now I'm searching for color inspiration. Browsing some older fashion magazines helps. Here's one dreamy photo I like from British Vogue, October 2012.

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