Oct 14, 2013

/BIG and small/ Changes

I've been thinking a lot what I want to do with this space. Leave it or just delete. Maybe move somewhere else. Moving isn’t always the best decision but I do not want this blog to be only a showcase, updated randomly, but rather a space to share creative ideas, findings, daily ponders and all other little things that catch my interest.
For some time I've been introducing slowness into my life. I feel like last year, with changing countries again, devoid of my favourite routine and undergoing a bit too longish process of adaptation with a new-old place, made me a bit tired but at the same time more aware what I want and where I’d like to go in terms of work and life in general. Currently small steps are being made as I am walking that path, occasionally procrastinating and wavering. Doing my best to consistent.

So cheers to changes and simpler yet richer life. This space will be more of a regular meeting spot. Expect drawings, pictures, rambling about life and beauty and whatever else. A bit of cooking (I'm getting an excellent baker, I only have to master Pavlova). 
Feel invited to pop anytime! Thank you. x

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