Sep 16, 2013

Baking /Banana/

Fashion weeks already buzzing the trends for 2014 when I have yet to dive into the closet to find some warm coats and hats. September weather isn’t spoiling us. To cure the autumn blues my best recipe is cooking and baking. The moment the first rainy days came I found myself a new favourite coffee companion: banana bread. 

I am not strict when it comes to following a (or  should I confess here – any) recipe, made some alterations regarding ingredients. For my first attempt I used this recipe from Food Network. I add almonds instead of walnuts, 1 or sometimes no egg, butter extract and cococa or almond oil. And, if the ingredients require this action, never ever beat sugar and egg longer than a minute or two (seriously 10 minutes?) The bread still tastes delicious. 

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