May 26, 2012


Hello, how are you doing? Well? Good!

It's been a moment since last post. I was lucky to travel a bit within last weeks, work on a pretty challenging project and trying to modify my website. Also I've been trying to figure out the path I want to take with this blog. It was never my intention to focus only on my  own illustrations and art-related things. So, finally having a decent online portfolio, I'm thinking the content here will be more varied.

There are times I feel this strong urge to talk/write on various things so instead of trying to overcome this feeling why not allow myself for a little outburst here, right? So there will be more on fashion, art, design, and I don't know what else. And I will be blogging about the more or less arty things I do.

Here are some pretty moments from Stuttgart Vienna I preserved with my phone camera. Enjoy!

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