Oct 27, 2011

Illustrated poem /The Subterranean Literary Journal/

I had the pleasure to illustrate a poem by Joseph Reich for the #2 issue of The Subterranean Literary Journal. Here's the whole image. I am looking forward to reading all the amazing texts included in this edition.

To purchase the issue go here


daria said...

this is brilliant, Karolina!!! x

Karolina B. said...

a million thanks! I am wondering if I should post the poem here as well so people have an idea what it really is

Anonymous said...

Hi Karolina, wonderful illustration! If your wanting to publish the poem here it would be best to speak to the author first. I can send you his email if you like? Oh and thanks for the link to purchase, really appreciated! Tom

Karolina B. said...

I emailed you Tom. thx