Nov 11, 2010

Fashion’s Dirty Secret - do you know what you wear?

I like to think I am an aware customer: when I shop clothes I check where they were manufactured, what they are made of... I try to choose garments manufactured locally (if possible at all), but I also shop in popular chains (hosiery, pyjamas, a skirt once in a while...)

Not too often because a couple of years ago I decided I want to know what I wear. I made friends with a talented dressmaker, so whenever I feel like something extravagant or simple, made made of quality materials I know where to go.

The subject of cheap clothes and sweatshops comes back in media from time to time which is good. We do not think who directs the clothing business, how it functions, in what conditions seamstresses work, how much work a pair of jeans requires...

I choose what I eat and I want to choose what I wear. Work costs. I want to get salary for mine, so I should not deprive other people of the same right by buying the cheapest jeans in town made by children in Bangladesh.

Check out UK Channel 4's Dispatches Fashion's Dirty Secret and response by Nick Bain in AmeliasMagazine

Below my illustrations for this text. I had two versions of image with sweatshop workers, yesterday I could not make up my mind which one is better to go with the text. Amelia`s Magazine decided for me. Thank you!:)

and not so bold turquoiseish (?) version:

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