Apr 26, 2017

What does good life mean? // Charaktery Extra

I had pleasure to illustrate an article on how to have a good life and what it means to different people for the latest Charaktery Extra issue (PL). The title translates into "Be the writer of your biography".
See the snaps from the magazine on my Instagram.

Apr 9, 2017

Is healthcare failing women when it comes to PMS? // The Pool UK

One of the editorial commissions that I started the year with was one for The Pool about what can be done to help extreme PMS.
Read the article here

Mar 19, 2017

Moon night fantasies

A part of a collage series I've been woking on for the past two months: moonlight fantasies.City landscapes reimagined by full moon, shapes on the sky. Here are two more from the pile:

Jan 31, 2017

Mood // collages

When the weather outside is more than uninspiring and the mood is a bit down, there is nothing better than browse through old magazines, buy a couple new paints and just let this restlessness take over your day.